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DevOps Fundamentals


2 hours


The DevOps Fundamentals course discusses how today's successful business strategies evolve around continuous improvement practices, and how implementing a DevOps environment can partly achieve this goal. Pre and post DevOps scenarios are examined, looking at the structure and characteristics of this environment. Several DevOps-related surveys are examined as well as a number of case studies involved with DevOps adoption. Cultural changes associated with implementing DevOps are discussed, including challenges in this area. Finally, a wide range of commonly used DevOps-related automation tools and their purpose are presented.


This course is suitable for Software Developers, Engineers, IT Operation teams, Managers, Consultants or anyone interested in obtaining an overview of DevOps.


A general understanding of the organization's software development and deployment processes.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • What DevOps means to the organization, and individuals
  • Key elements of DevOps adoption
  • Some of the automation tools used in a DevOps environment

Course Content

Introduction to DevOps

Traditional Software Development and Deployment Practices
Birth of DevOps
DevOps Goals
Key DevOps Elements
Case Studies
How DevOps Adoption Affects You
DevOps Surveys
DevOps Skill and Knowledge Resources

DevOps Culture and Tools

Defining the DevOps Team
Right and Wrong Structures
DevOps Team Traits
DevOps Culture Challenges
Tools Used in a DevOps Environment

DevOps Fundamentals Mastery Test

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