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Business Case

Massive Cost Savings of eLearning:

Utilizing an elearning curriculum as a key component of a IBM Power Systems Workforce Training Program will always provide significant cost savings over utilizing traditional IBM Power Systems Training methods alone. Savings come from lower cost of courses, no travel and related travel costs, no unproductive time away from work, more efficient use of available training time etc.

Unparalleled Return On Investment (ROI):

Return on investment is unmatched! Anywhere-anytime access sees significantly more IBM Power Systems Training completed annually as it can be utilized at every available training opportunity! Training is done frequently and regularly, scheduled and impromptu, anywhere and anytime, all driving up the ROI.
Further ROI is gained from a highly skilled and multi skilled IBM Power Systems workforce running your IBM Power Systems organization. Improved performance, fewer errors and down time, improved productivity, less delays; all a direct result of the widespread completion of quality training! Please also consider that every IBM Power Systems skill and every piece of IBM Power Systems knowledge learned arms your personnel for the rest of their careers! From an investment you make this year, you receive ROI for the next 10, 20, 30 years!

Anywhere, Anytime, Worldwide Delivery Across the IBM Power Systems Workforce:

For today’s IBM Power Systems workforce, the ability to instantly deliver training anywhere in the world, any day of the year, anytime day or night, is essential! It cuts costs, reduces logistical headaches, prevents costly delays, and delivers a consistent standard of IBM Power Systems Training across the entire organization. It’s training at the speed of your business!

IBM Power Systems Coaching and Mentoring Empowered:

The IBM Power Systems Coaching and Mentoring Toolbox dramatically reduces the time and effort required by your senior workers to achieve optimal coaching and mentoring outcomes! It facilitates the essential knowledge transfer to your Next Generation before they retire and their wisdom, knowledge and experience leaves too!

IBM Digital Badges Motivate Employees to Drive Their Own Development

The game mechanics and psychology that underpin Badges work! People are incredibly motivated by badges! Experience shows exponential increases in course completions, without Managers needing to push! As learning in the corporate sector has become more informal, the employee’s motivation to drive their own development has become pivotal to their performance, and to the performance of the organization as a whole!

Engagement and Retention of Key Z IBM Power Systems Personnel

The recognition offered by IBM Digital Badges is not only important to engage talent but also to keep talent.
Employees who receive recognition are more engaged at work and deliver more output. Studies show the engagement level of recognized employees is almost 3X higher than un-recognized employees!
Studies also show workers who receive recognition are HALF as likely to leave your organization. Given the difficulties locating new IBM Power Systems talent and the hiring costs to get them, keeping key skilled IBM Power Systems personnel is vital!

Training Data Analytics

Every time a IBM Power Systems course or skills assessment is accessed, the Learning Management System records, time, date, duration, progress, and all results. Managers have a massive pool of accurate, objective data showing exactly how your personnel and/or teams are performing. The data identifies any skill gaps and/or weaknesses and lets you remedy them with training before they can cause inefficiencies, errors or downtime. The data identifies top personnel, highlighting potential leaders.

Benefits for All Experience Levels Across All IBM Power Systems Groups:

The obvious benefits of a comprehensive resource of IBM Power Systems elearning are for Junior and Intermediate IBM Power Systems computing personnel with access to year-round structured IBM Power Systems Training and at-your-fingertips reference material. But don’t forget Senior IBM Power Systems computing personnel who also derive immense benefit by updating their knowledge and expanding the range of their skills. The Value and ROI of expanding the areas of influence and increasing the versatility of these key senior IBM Power Systems personnel is immense!