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New and Updated Course Releases

Checkout some of our NEW and updated IBM Power Systems Training courses. As a customer, you automatically receive access to these courses. Be sure to ENROLL for them when you access the LMS. We add and/or update courses several times per year, so check this page often!

  • New and Updated Courses Released 2nd Quarter 2018

    DevOps and Agile Curriculum - NEW Course

    The Agile Fundamentals course discusses the business value of adopting an Agile philosophy, introducing a real-life software development project, and describing how Agile is used to restructure traditional software development and deployment tasks.

  • New and Updated Courses Released 1st Quarter 2018

    Data Analysis, Analytics, and Machine Learning Curriculum

    We've added a new course titled "Machine Learning and Spark" to our Data Analysis, Analytics, and Machine Learning Curriculum. This course is designed for those working with organizations looking to implement Machine Learning solutions. It is also of benefit for those looking to implement Spark on z/OS. Note: This curriculum was previously named "Big Data, Hadoop and Analytics."

    Mainframe Application Performance Curriculum - NEW

    This course introduces sampling-based performance tools such as Compuware Strobe, IBM Application Performance Analyzer, and Macro4 FreezeFrame, which are available for z/OS environments. It describes what these tools are, the information that they provide, and how this assists with application performance tuning. It includes information on the tools currently available, performance implications when using them, and how to minimize any impact they may have on the system. It also steps through how sampling sessions can be started, and the key parameters for such sessions.

  • New Course Released in 3rd Quarter 2017

    Blockchain Curriculum - NEW

    The Blockchain Fundamentals course provides you with a solid understanding of the business issues surrounding the emergence of blockchain, explaining its value and general structure. You can also earn the IBM Open Badge - Blockchain Foundations when completing this course.