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Your IBM Power Systems workforce can only be as good as you train it to be!

In today’s computing industry, an occasional class on a single topic is no longer enough to keep your personnel at peak performance.  A broad array of classroom training, in-house training, mentoring and elearning must be completed regularly and often, scheduled and on the fly, by junior and senior personnel alike!

Today’s workforce needs instant access to highest quality training on a broad array of related topics. Your personnel must be highly skilled, broadly skilled and currently skilled. Every new skill, every piece of knowledge, every update and reinforcement; has the potential to save your organization incalculable time and money, while avoiding headaches, errors and damage to your brand!

                    “There is no saturation point in education.” 
–  IBM Founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

With over one hundred hours of instantly deliverable IBM Power training at your workforces' fingertips, this extensive resource of low cost, technology-based training is widely used by computing organizations around the globe.

Read on to see how it works for organizations worldwide...and how it can work for you:

  • IBM Power Training Pricing

    IBM Power training for an affordable price.

    Over 30 IBM Power training courses, which include IBM i, AIX, Linux, Cloud Computing and much more. Find out what you get for the low price of $599 per student. Learn More


  • e-Learning Courses

    The Core of any Power Systems Workforce Training Program!

    Over one hundred hours of online Power Systems courses provide the broad spectrum training essential to today’s highly-skilled, multi-skilled computing workforce.
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  • Learning Plans

    Training Road Maps for Specific Job Roles!

    A Learning Plan provides individuals with a graphical, defined plan of learning activity that lays the foundations for technical competence in their job role. It guides and motivates personnel to undergo structured, targeted training and achieve significant skill and knowledge gains every year.

    For Managers, the broad array of Learning Plans for all IBM Power Systems job roles provide the structure needed for an out of the box, long term, IBM Power training program. Kudos awaits managers who implement a blue ribbon training program (and no-one needs know just how easy it was to roll out!).
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  • Learning Management System (LMS)

    The IBM Power Training Learning Management System(LMS) is easy to use and full of features your students and training administrators can rely on. This online LMS is available 24/7/365 so training is always available for personnel and oversight and analysis is always at the fingertips of managers.
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