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Logical Partitioning and Virtualization


4 hours


This course looks at logical partitioning and the benefits that can be gained from implementing this feature on your IBM i system. Details of the products that can be used to define partitions as well as the process itself is provided, and the management and performance of partitions is also discussed in detail.


IBM i System Administrators or those needing to perform administrator tasks.


Successful completion of the" IBM i System Administration Fundamentals" course or equivalent knowledge.


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe partitioning and virtualization concepts
  • Manage partitions using the HMC
  • Perform HMC administration tasks

Course Content

Partition Concepts

Definition and Samples of LPAR/Virtual Partitions
Benefits of Partitions
Partition Terminology
Virtualization Concepts
LPAR configuration concepts
Dynamic LPAR
Managed System
Planning tools

Partition Management

Tools for Partition Management
Partition creation overview
Working with Servers/Partitions
Scheduling tasks using the HMC
Moving Resources using the HMC
Working with Serviceable Events


HMC Connection to the Managed System Configuration Options
HMC User Interface
Setting Up Additional Users
Backing up the HMC
Upgrading the HMC firmware overview

IBM i Logical Partitioning and Virtualization Mastery Test

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