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Linux Curriculum

Course Title Duration Description
Introduction to Linux
5 The Introduction to Linux course provides you with an overview of the Linux operating system and describes how it is used in today's System z environment. Information on interfaces used to access the Linux environment and standard communication tools are also discussed.
The Linux File System
5 The Linux File System course describes the file structure within the Linux environment and explains how files are accessed, displayed and manipulated. Details of security measures in relation to Linux files is also provided. A number of general tasks associated with monitoring and managing the Linux file system are also discussed.
Editing with VI
4 The Editing with vi course describes how the vi Editor is used to open, and update text files. Editing techniques such as searching, filtering, finding, copying and replacing text is covered and some advanced material relating to the editor configuration and programming support is also provided.
Linux Shell Programming
4 The Linux Shell Programming course describes the use of coding components such as variables, parameters, expressions, and functions that can appear within a shell script. Details relating to conditional execution and looping that can be programmed into the script is supplied along with the handling of script errors.
Linux Operations
4 The Linux Operations course describes the purpose of Linux Processes and explains how these activities can be monitored and managed. Information describing how to create Linux jobs and optionally schedule them to run is discussed along with other operational tasks relating to system logs and shell customization.
Linux on IBM Z Fundamentals
5 The Linux on IBM Z Fundamentals course discusses available Linux distributions for the IBM Z environment, its operational implementation, and the general monitoring and management of Linux. The final module provides an overview of the performance monitoring and management tasks performed by the Linux Administrator, and contains tips for best practice in these areas.
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