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Course Retirement/Replacement Information

Interskill Learning is constantly keeping our students training in the most up to date industry technology. From time to time, we must retire courses and also replace them with new content. This page will be updated periodically with the latest news regarding course retirements/replacements.

For students on the LMS, we give you at least 3 months of notice prior to removing retired courses.

  • Courses Scheduled for Retirement/Replacement

    Tandem Curriculum

    The entire Tandem curriculum has been retired and is scheduled to be replaced with new titles in the near future.

    iSeries Curriculum

    The entire iSeries curriculum has been retired. The IBM Power i curriculum is the replacement for these and is currently available to students.

    Related Products Curriculum

    The following courses in the Related Products curriculum have been retired.

    Parallel Sysplex. A replacement will be offered in the near future
    HSM Overview
    System Managed Storage (SMS)

    CA Curriculum

    The following CA Curriculum courses have been retired.

    CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Overview
    CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Administration and Security
    CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Implementation
    CA Jobtrac™ Job Management
    CA Easytrieve® Report Generator
    CA NetMaster® Network Management for TCP/IP

    JES Curriculum

    The JES3 Concepts and Commands course has been retired.

    z/OS Curriculum

    The Performance Monitoring Basics course has been retired.

    VSE Curriculum

    The entire VSE curriculum has been retired and will be replaced with new z/VSE courses throughout 2019.