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Course/Modules Are Not Loading or Hanging When Launching

A module might not load due to several possible issues

  • The most common issue is caused by your browser's pop-up blocker. Please make sure to turn it OFF. See images below to set your Internet Explorer Pop-up settings.
  • Chrome and Firefox browsers recently DISABLED Adobe Flash. Please make sure to re-enable Flash if you are receiving an error or blank screen while attempting to launch a module. Click here to learn more about this error - "Was unable to load movie object"
  • Poor network connectivity. Make sure you are not having issues with your Internet connection, especially if you are using a wireless/WIFI type of connection.
  • Make sure your browser passes our system requirements
  • You may have other internal network proxy servers and/or web/security filters that could be blocking our sites. Check with your network administrator and make sure our sites are on their OK/Whitelist. Our domains are, and
  • You have been idle on the LMS session for more than 2 hours. The LMS system will disconnect your session after 2 hours unless you return to the main LMS session. So if you have a MODULE screen open for more than 2 hours, you will be disconnected. Use our bookmark feature when you plan to do this.